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Sessions can be conducted by phone or in-person.


Anyone can do a phone consultation no matter where that person or animal is located.  All that is required is a picture texted or emailed.  Phone Sessions offer the same connection and detail that in-person sessions do and sometimes work better as there are less distractions. 


People can also bring their animal to me, at my office and we can do an in person consultation.  


For people in Southern Connecticut, at home visits are possible.  There is a one hour minimum for an at home visit and mileage will also apply.  


Also, we can communicate with any type of animals or living creatures.

What is a consultation?

  • The Object of a consultation is to get information from your animal’s viewpoint.

  • A consultation is a 3-way conversation, I am just interpreting information that the animal(s) are giving me.

  • I do not diagnose health problems, but knowing what and how the animal is feeling can be invaluable. You can also find out how current treatments or therapies are making them feel.

  • Hearing their perspective about behavior, relationships, foods, and life.

  • Inform them of coming changes.

  • Communicate with those already passed.

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