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What is animal communication?

Animal communication is a telepathic conversation with animals of all kinds.  Telepathy is communicating with your mind rather than your five senses.  It is a mind to mind, and a soul to soul connection.  Animals are naturally telepathic, and so are we.  Anyone who has loved an animal has communicated with them. We were all born knowing how to use telepathy or Universal Language.  We have just become so dependent on experiencing our world with our five senses, that we have forgotten the gift that was once ours as naturally as it is the animals.


Telepathy consists of images, emotions, auditory impressions, physical sensations and blocks of thought. When animals communicate they use any or all of these forms. My job as an Animal Communicator is to interpret these sensations and convey them to the human in our everyday language. There are several ways you may “hear” your animal communicating with you. Clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance among others. Learning how you hear is a big part of being able to communicate with our non-human kin, and then trusting what you’ve heard.

Because it is a connection beyond the physical, animal communication goes beyond time and space.  When using telepathy, physical presence, individual language, and species is not a barrier. You do not need to be near the animal to communicate with them.  I can work directly with the animal or I can work with a picture of the animal. This enables me to do consultations from a distance.  If you have a relationship with the animal you can connect at any time, if you are working at a distance with an animal you don’t know, working with a picture works great.  Especially if you have the animal’s person with you or on the phone.

Much of my work is done on the phone although I would love to get the opportunity to meet them in person! And sometimes a home visit can be extremely helpful when certain behaviors are triggered in the home environment.

I can also give you a reading on your animal(s) and inform you of their Energy Type which is the essence behind their being. It’s a little deeper than telling you their personality, and it provides excellent information as to what makes them tick. How they move through this earth, what they like and what sets them off.


I like to work with questions... I like my 2-legged clients to write a list of questions for their animal. I like to start with more basic questions and then move into the heart of the issue at hand. The questions are just a jumping off point, we always go well beyond them, but they really get the conversation going. As the conversation progresses more questions come up in light of the answers you receive. If something sounds off then ask the question in a different manner, it is a perception problem. Sometimes they do think a little different than we do! For the most successful consultation have your questions for the animal prepared in advance. I encourage you to actually write them down. And always write down your most important questions, many times we get so deep into the conversation that important things get forgotten. Although all consultations comes with a free follow up phone consultation that will range between 5 – 15 minutes. That gives the opportunity to discuss any of the new implementations you may have tried, or anything that may have been missed in the original consultation.

Can I learn animal communication?

Yes, absolutely!  Animal communication is a natural way of communicating that years of relying on our five senses have caused us to forget.  You will not be learning something new, you will be remembering something long forgotten. Anybody can do it.  There are many books on the subject for self study.  Also, I teach animal communication. I have classes available for people interested in diving deeper into animal communication for themselves.  Classes are held in small groups, and are generally held Friday evening, all day Saturday and at least ½ day on Sunday. You will communicate will animals that are used to “talking” with their humans on a daily basis, and are very well versed in showing you what they do and what you should do.  Including a 30 year old parrot that is a Master Communicator and will leave you without a shadow of a doubt that you are communicating with her.  Click here for more information about upcoming classes.

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