Animal Communication and the Humane Economy

Take steps to communicate with animals.

Animals are good for the economy. The humane economy. An economy that is consciously based on doing good for us, the animals, the earth and making a profit. This is a shift that is happening now. Never have animal's well being had center stage like it does right now.

“Today there’s a fast growing, often surprising, hugely promising, and largely unstoppable force for animal welfare, and it’s revealing itself in a thousand varying forms. Welcome to the humane economy.”, says the introduction of Wayne Pacelle’s, book “The Humane Economy”. Pacelle is the president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

For animal lovers everywhere these are exciting times as the decisions we make affect changes in the marketplace. “So many of the changes afoot will touch your life and that of the people you know. Indeed, you are - or will be - driving many of these changes, whether it involves the food you eat, the pets you keep, the household products you buy, or