Animals, Our Bridge to Oneness Opening up to Non-Human Love

There is a plaque that says “My goal in life to become the person my dog thinks I am”. (Substitute cat, horse, goldfish, guinea pig etc.) The good news is that we already are that person, and our loving animals can see that, even when we can't. Yes,our animals are our companions, but they also are our teachers, our healers and our guides. Now more than ever their special role in our collective awakening is being brought to the forefront of consciousness. It has become mainstream, this month Time Magazine has a special edition devoted entirely to how animals effect our health, individually, nationally and globally.

If we have ever loved an animal then we have communicated with them. So often we think that we are just reading their body language, or we are so accustomed to their routines that we know what they want or need. While that is true to some extent it is not the whole story. Animals are communicating with us all the time, and we with them. Animals are naturally telepathic and so are we. “How Animals Talk” was written in 1919 by William J. Long, a naturalist who lived in Stamford, CT. He writes “we see, first, that birds and beasts have certain audible cries which convey a more or less definite meaning...and second, that they also have some “telepathic” faculty of sending emotional impulses to others of their kind at a distance....And the hypothesis of silent communication certainly “work” since it helps greatly to clarify certain observed phenomena of animal life.” Long goes on to say that “All men seem to have some hint or suggestion of telepathy in them....meanwhile, by employing speech exclusively to express our thought or emotion, and by habitually depending on our five senses for all our impressions of the external world, have not only neglected but even lost all memory of the gift that was once ours.”