This is Your Brain, and This is Your Brain on Animal Communication

One way or another, everything in life boils down to our perceptions. The light through which we view our world. Is it bright, light, spacious and airy? Has a bank of clouds obscured the light completely? Or is there a thin dark veil that cast a shadow over all that we see? We view the world as we expect to see it. We project our perceptions of what we expect to see out ahead of us. Then, the world that we see is what we would typically expect. Even if there is another perspective easily discernible, we are conditioned to see what we have told our brain to expect.

Animal communication changes our perceptions. The very essence of communicating telepathically with another being is simply accepting that energy bridges exist between beings. Then, choosing to use them to achieve a union of consciousness where thoughts can be exchanged. It is an activation of something that already exists. In the case of communicating telepathically with an animal rather than another human, we must be aware of any thoughts we have about them being inferior in intelligence or awareness to ourselves. If we think of them as less than us in any way, then we limit our ability to understand them, and perceive them as they truly are. If we think of them as substandard then we are projecting that perception into our interactions with animals. Our own expectations get in the way of experiencing our animals in the way they truly are. That is, amongst other things, a beacon of telepathic communication.

Animals perception of things, more often than not, are not the same as ours. We see things differently. We can go throu