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animal communication with cat
Animal Communication with horse
Animal Communication with cat
Animal Communication with bird
Animal Communication with bird
animal communication with horse
animal communication with cat
animal communication with bird
Animal communication with dog cat

Welcome to Gwen Gangi's

Bridging the Gap Between Beings

Animal communication sessions allow you to bridge the gap between you and your animal’s thoughts, emotions and energy. This allows you to deepen your relationship with your pet and further understand how they move through this earth, what they like and what sets them off.


Animal communication is a telepathic conversation with animals of all kinds.  

Telepathy is communicating with your mind rather than your five senses.  

It is a mind to mind, and a soul to soul connection.  


Anyone who has loved an animal has communicated with them.  Animals are

naturally telepathic, and so are we.  We were all born knowing how to use

telepathy or Universal Language.  We have just become so dependent on

experiencing our world with our five senses, that we have forgotten the gift

that was once ours as naturally as it is the animals.


Telepathy consists of images, emotions, auditory impressions, physical

sensations and blocks of thought. When animals communicate they use any

or all of these forms.


My job as an Animal Communicator is to interpret these sensations and convey

them to the human in our everyday language.  The session is a three-way conversation

between you and your animal through me as the communicator.  You are able to ask

questions during the session and get clarification on anything we are discussing.  


By the end of the session you will feel a deeper connection with your animal, your questions will be answered, you will receive solutions, and both you and your animal will have more clarity and understanding of each other.

Gwen Gangi

Connect with your animal on a deeper level.

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The purpose of a consultation is to get information from your animal’s perspective.  To find out where they are coming from, and what they are thinking when they do whatever they do.  You can literally have a conversation with them.

People always say “If only my animal could only talk!” 


Well maybe they don’t speak English, but they can communicate with you, and they do it all the time.  I will be your translator.

What type of topics can we cover?

  • Health Questions
  • Treatment/ Recovery
  • Death and dying
  • Household Rules
  • Food Issues – what do they like and dislike
  • Behaviors
  • Animal relationships
  • Human Relationships
  • Household changes
  • Vacation Plans
  • The prospect of introducing a new animal and/or letting them help choose
  • Introducing new situations in the household or anywhere
  • Nutritional issues ­ including diet and allergies
  • Emotional healing and the Bach Flower Remedies
  • Anything important to you or them

Meet Gwen Gangi

Gwen Gangi

Growing up in rural CT, she was surrounded with animals and to see her is to know that she is truly gifted with them.